Joe Snipes

I was born and raised in Crescent City. Growing up in the woods has helped me develop a desire to focus my work in the forest. My passions are being outdoors and spending time with my family. I have many years in rural forestry restoration, permaculture and wildland fire experience. I love the North Coast and plan on calling it my home for many years to come. 


Tyler Lentz

I am a Crescent City local that likes spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and being at the river. I have many years of experience in wildland fire suppression and fuels work. I have recently purchased my first home in Crescent City and can't think of any better place to live.


Our Mission

The threat of wildfire and the importance of forest health increases every year. Climate change and drought make the issue much worse. As the need to protect communities and keep forests healthy grows, ForestScapes L.L.C. will be there to assist in making communities and businesses as resilient as possible. We will be working with private landowners and various government and non government agencies to meet their pre-commercial thinning and restoration needs.

We will work to meet our client's goals in anyway possible.

What we will identify

  • What the client’s objectives are

  • How they want to achieve objectives

  • Possible constraints

  • Contingency planning

  • Follow up planning

Available Grants

There are federal, state and local grants that can cover a large portion of your costs. We can assist with applying for and facilitating these grants.