We conserve land through outreach, restoration and research.


ForestScapes L.L.C is a new, young and enthusiastic company to help land managers meet their forestry objectives. We work with local, state and federal governments as well as private landowners to help keep their forest healthy and thriving.

Located in Humboldt and Del Norte County, ForestScapes has strong roots to the area. We are family owned and operated with a strong commitment to forest management.

All photography provided by Jake Langston & Joe Snipes



Defensible Space


Cal Fire will not protect your property unless you actively try to minimize combustible fuels around your structures. They ask for 100 feet of defensible space but in many cases that may not be enough to protect your home.

Insurance agencies are now requiring landowners to meet and exceed defensible space requirements in order to renew their policy. We can work with you, the landowner, and your insurance company to make sure you are meeting your requirements.

Tree Vigor


Want your commercial species to thrive? Tree release is another service we offer. We will remove competing hardwoods or non-target species so your commercial species can maintain vigor and steady growth.

Want to create a diverse stand of multiple species and ages? Our crew specializes in following client catered forest prescriptions to meet species or age diversity that you may desire.



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