Testimonies from some of our first clients.


"ForestScapes provides an integrated service that every rural property could use.  Due to the absence of fire, legacy logging issues and the lack of present management practices our forests have become overstocked, monocultures that provide very little habitat.  Forest Scapes is the first forest management company that I have worked with that can integrate the need for fuel-load management with restoring habitats.  Their site specific protocols for each project and their ability to assess forest resources set them aside from other companies.  I will continue to collaborate and refer them to clients based on their principled work."

Dan Mar
Compliant Farms & High Tide Permaculture

Humboldt County


"My experience with Joe, Tyler and Forestscapes has been ideal. They fulfilled all the requirements of my NRCS grant to thin 18 forested acres, much of it on difficult terrain, within a matter of weeks, instead of the three years allocated by the grant.

This included extensive logging of smaller stems, plus spreading out the slash and stems to comply with fire guidelines. They also obtained and planted small trees on a very steep and unstable area. Their compliance with the fairly strict requirements was nearly perfect, so the regulators had to make only a very few compliance trips to this very rural property.

Despite the considerable work, there were very few mistakes, and no injuries.

Most importantly, the crew was very respectful of the property and our privacy.

I would definitely hire them again to do any forestland work, and recommend them highly."


Ken Miller
Siskiyou Land Conservancy

Humboldt County


“We are small forest land owners, with a home and two rentals on 45 acres off the grid.  We have supplied our own water, power and sanitation for the last 20 years living the same life style we enjoyed on the grid when we lived in Berkeley.  Since moving to forest lands and having participated on the boards of forestry non profit organizations designed to support collaboration with with the needs of forests and human habitation and having worked with FLASH grants and NRCS grants with contractors hired to fulfill various prescriptions for forest management, I have discovered that Joe and his crew are the first contractors we have retained who bring the social, environmental, and forestry know how in a complete service package.  Forestscapellc.com is a trustworthy organization which can be relied upon to complete a project according to contract and prescription specifications at a reasonable price.  We shall hire them again."


Herb Schwartz
Private Land Owner

Humboldt County



Our daughter in law won the ForestScapes "free work day" contest, which allowed us 8 hours of their labor clearing brush and debris on our property. They came fully equipped with everything needed to do an amazing job. We so appreciated their hard work on our very steep terrain. The brush was high but that didn't deter them from grooming that hillside. These are some truly professional people out to do a great job. We highly recommend them!

Sincerely, Lane and Robin Hoffman

Humboldt County



Couldn't be happier with the work of Tyler, Joe & crew. These guys are animals, and they couldn't be two nicer guys. Thank you for your hard work!!


Moontime Medicinals