We specialize in small tree and brush removal. Whether it be to meet defensible space requirements or to improve commercial tree vigor, we can meet an array of objectives. With a crew of over 40 years of experience, we will work hard and safe to meet your future desired conditions.


We offer 4 post treatments of slash (woody material)

Pile and Burn 

BioChar Piles

Lop and Scatter

Wood Chipping

Haul away

Follow up

We want to encourage that you have a follow up plan that insures your property will be fire safe for years to come.

Other Services

Fire/Defensible Space

Fire Line Construction

Fuel Breaks

Eve & Vent Closure

Tree Service

Oak Release


Lot clearing

Hazard tree removal

Tree Topping

Tree Planting

Vexar Tubing

Miscellaneous Services

Bird Boxes

Invasive Species Removal/Vegetation Management

Trail Instillation and Maintenance

Stump Removal



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